Hi. My name is Jason Weill (pronounced “while”). I build open source software for Project Jupyter at AWS. In my spare time, I visualize election data and advocate for more housing. I’ve also written a book on personal finance.

Newest article:I Wrote a Book Two Years Ago,” posted March 3, 2024.

Two years ago, I published the first edition of Personal Finance for People in Tech, exclusively on Kindle. People often ask how the book has been as a “side hustle”, and I usually respond, “I still have my day job.” During my last couple of years at my last job,… (read more)

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Personal Finance for People in Tech book cover

Personal Finance for People in Tech

A book for high-earning techies to learn about spending, saving, retirement, and other topics to help make the best use of their incomes. The second edition of Personal Finance for People in Tech is now available in e-book, print, and audiobook formats.

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Results of the August 2021 primary election for Seattle City Attorney

Election Visualizations

In my spare time, I visualize the results of elections in King County, Washington, including the city of Seattle. These maps have been featured in articles on The Urbanist and Capitol Hill Seattle, and have tens of thousands of views on Twitter. All of my visualizations are on my Tableau Public profile.

My Visualizations


I’m passionate about making Seattle, my home since 2006, accessible and livable for everyone. I am a supporter of The Urbanist, both financially and with my election visuals. I have also dedicated money to the construction and upkeep of affordable housing through two local organizations, Bellwether Housing and Forterra’s Strong Communities Fund I.


Since October 2021, I’ve been a Senior Front End Engineer at Amazon Web Services, working on open source software for Project Jupyter. I joined the JupyterLab Council in 2022.

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Other projects

Since 2017, I’ve been the administrator of Seattle’s Pittsburgh Steelers Meetup Group, one of the country’s largest groups for Steelers fans. We meet up to watch games at the Ballard Loft.

In 2020, as the COVID-19 epidemic forced companies to rethink their office strategy, I wrote Work From Home Forever, a list of companies that permit at least employees to WFH in perpetuity. I welcome additions and corrections on its Github repository.

Also check out Weill in Japan, my travelogue from a six-week study abroad and homestay program in Tokyo in 2002, which includes hundreds of photos and thousands of words from the trip.

In 2001 I wrote Livestat, a Perl system for tracking statistics for quiz bowl games. Livestat is available freely and has been used to track many events years after I finished work on the most recent version.