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About the author

I was born in 1981 to two native Bronxites who moved to Long Island, where I grew up first in New Hyde Park and, from 1987 to 1999, Syosset. I have two younger brothers, Adam and David.

I graduated from Syosset High School in 1999 and enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh that fall, where I majored in computer science with a minor in Japanese. In the summer of 2002, I lived and studied in Tokyo. I've lived in Seattle since May 2006.

I enjoy watching sports, particularly the Yankees and the Steelers, and I'm looking forward to watching the Seattle Kraken. If you're in Seattle and looking for a good crowd to watch Steelers games, check out the Seattle Pittsburgh Steelers Meetup Group, which I started organizing during the 2017 season.

By day I work in software; see my resume for more about my professional background. In my spare time I enjoy exploring the fast-growing neighborhoods of Seattle on foot, reading, watching movies old and new, and nursing the coffee addiction that I picked up shortly after moving here. I also enjoy travel, including trips to France, Italy, Hawaii, Japan, and destinations in the great Pacific Northwest. I've also taken an interest in local Seattle history.

I'm an urbanist; I grew up in the suburbs and I visit them from time to time, but I only want to work and live in a city. I also think that cities should be for everyone, not just for those who had the foresight to move to them when they were less expensive. Since 2017, I've volunteered my time and money with organizations advocating for more inclusive communities in Seattle.

In 2022, I published my first book, Personal Finance for People in Tech: How High Earners Can Spend Wisely, Invest Well, and Plan for Financial Independence. It's the culmination of years of talking with my friends, family, and coworkers about financial matters.

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