All around my house you can hear fireworks going off. It's indescribable to stand outside in the cold and snow holding a Terrible Towel in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other. Pittsburgh has finally won its fifth Super Bowl and the city of Pittsburgh is erupting!

Most Pittsburgh schools, including all public schools, are opening two hours late tomorrow due to high absenteeism expected among jubilant bus drivers.

The South Side and Oakland (near Pitt and CMU) are filling with people. This is a fantastic day for Pittsburgh. I can't wait for the parade.

In other news I still have about four pounds of chicken that went uncooked tonight. I have five pounds of potatoes that were not made into French fries; we did make five pounds of fries to put into authentic Primanti's-style sandwiches. Next week: a Pro Bowl party as a thinly veiled excuse to burn off my extra food supply.