Temptation Auditions in Los Angeles Only

One of my old favorite game shows, $ale of the Century, is being remade as Temptation. Now that I’m old enough to try out, I found an ad on-line and responded to it. According to a post on BuzzerBlog the auditions are underway only in the Los Angeles area. I was disappointed to see that the fast-paced trivia aspect is being deemphasized in favor of more shopping, at least in the opinion of one prospective contestant.

In any case, I wrote to their contestant search e-mail address and got a response today. They’re doing auditions next Tuesday and Thursday in L.A. I happen to have enough frequent flier miles for a free trip, but to do a midweek audition on such short notice basically requires me to miss at least two days of work. A same-day plane ticket would cost hundreds of dollars, and that’s just to audition for the show! I think I’ll wait until I’ve actually seen the show, or until I can get in on a weekend audition, to try my luck.