Alive but damp

On Saturday, December 1, I was shopping in downtown Seattle when huge snowflakes started to fall. I was overjoyed -- we never get snow! Not much of it stuck, and snow gave way to rain that night. Then more rain came, and the rain kept coming.

Seattle is known for being rainy but most of the time, we get so little rain that it's not even worthwhile to take an umbrella. I went out on Sunday the 2nd without an umbrella and was literally blinded by the rain. My commute to work on Monday took much longer than usual due to the weather. As of today it's clear outside but the damage is done: 5 dead, 50,000 powerless, and a 20-mile span of I-5 closed due to flooding throughout Western Washington.

Like most folks in central Seattle, I got wet but didn't even lose power. I'm fine, my building's fine, and my office is fine.